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Honoring a loved one who has passed away with final arrangements related to a funeral and cremation in Cedarburg, WI, can be an essential part of the healing path for those in deep mourning. Whether expected or not, death is a harsh reality for many of us. The onslaught of emotional reactions can be crippling and overwhelming. By working with a compassionate team of experts to design final arrangements to lay the decedent to rest and honor them, you may find a small element of closure. This allows you to begin the grief process in earnest.


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There are several ways to customize death care services to accommodate any known wishes of the deceased and to support the grieving family and friends. Little details can make an impact on how these arrangements are perceived. Happily, there is more than one way to do this well. Here are a few standard formats and solutions that can get you started.


Comprehensive or Streamlined Traditional Funeral Services: Funeral services have been around for centuries. Funeral services work well shortly after the death date so that the body can be laid to rest. The presence of the corpse for the honoring service can be a reality-affirming experience that offers a chance for mourners to “say goodbye” and pay their final respects. You can organize elaborate multi-event funeral packages with visitation, viewing, funeral, burial, and reception events, or you might pick one or a few options.


Cremation Services Care for Deceased Remains and Open Your Options: If avoiding casket burial is important to you or your family, you may opt to have the body cared for via cremation. In a flame cremation, the body is permanently altered and reduced through incineration in a secured chamber. The most rigid portions of the skeletal body will not consume in flames; these become the ashes or cremated remains.


Some benefits to choosing cremation include the flexibility afforded for final disposition placement (more than just burial), and it can also extend timelines for honoring ceremonies like a memorial service.


Finding Needed Merchandise for Your Chosen Options: Once you have determined how the body will be prepared and placed, you will need to choose merchandise to contain the remains appropriately. Casket sales through your provider can offer you a range of price points and features. Like caskets, urns come in various configurations and options to meet your unique needs.



How to Get Started with Preplanning a Funeral and Cremation in Cedarburg, WI

Preplanning final service arrangements is a beautiful option that is available for anyone. If death is known to be upcoming, making plans with your family can be one means of working through some of the anticipatory grief and weight of that experience. The conversations can happen in the privacy of your home, supported by the online preplanning forms readily available at most funeral home websites. If additional support or an actual appointment helps complete this step, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your chosen provider.


Pre-arrangement planning can be detailed or kept simple. Your family will value having your input about whether you would prefer to have your body prepared for final disposition through embalming, cremation, or less invasive means. Additionally, you can specify if you have hopes for musical selections, pallbearers, and specific clergy or celebrant professionals who could lead your services. When making these plans surrounding services like a funeral and cremation in Cedarburg, WI, remember that at least some specifics will need to wait until the death occurs.


Help Is Available to Those Who Have Suffered a Loss

As discussed above, losing someone to death is a profoundly challenging experience. None of us will walk through a loss just the same as another. However, some known supports and resources can be beneficial to the bereaved in finding a way forward. Comprehensive funeral homes have professionals with at least some grief support training. They are not counselors or therapists and will refer you to appropriate professionals who can give you more support.


Some available tools that could be offered include physical and digital resources. Daily or weekly email subscriptions, online classes, support groups, and forums may all be essential lifelines. In-person counseling, networks, grief lending libraries or book lists, and liaisons to assist with significant (sometimes overwhelming) death care paperwork can all be part of your toolbox. Most importantly, remember that you are not alone. Reach out for help, especially if you or a loved one is not sustainably moving through grief.


A Full-Service Firm with Experience You Can Trust

The benefits of choosing a full-service funeral home like Eernisse Funeral Homes & Cremation Service are vast. When you have a provider that offers comprehensive options with both funeral and cremation in Cedarburg, WI, it gives you space to decide on body preparation and service types without needing to transfer to another facility. Additionally, full-service establishments tend to be well-networked in the communities they serve. You can benefit from their knowledge as you plan for final arrangements by calling (262) 376-9600.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

  • What types of services do funeral homes offer?
    • Funeral homes provide a wide range of services to help families with their end-of-life needs, including arranging for funerals and memorials, providing grief counseling and support, managing the legal paperwork associated with death, and handling the burial or cremation process. They may also offer additional services such as pre-planning and funeral insurance, to help families prepare for the future.
  • What kind of services do funeral directors provide?
    • Funeral directors can help families plan a service that is reflective of their loved one’s life, handle paperwork such as death certificates, coordinate with vendors for flowers or other items, manage visitation times and other logistics, and provide personalized services such as creating memorial folders or programs. Services may vary by location and individual funeral home, so it's best to contact a local funeral director for specific details.
  • Is a surviving spouse of any age eligible to receive Social Security benefits?
    • A surviving spouse may be eligible for Social Security benefits if they meet the requirements, including being at least 60 years old (or 50 if disabled), having not remarried after the death of the deceased spouse, and if the marriage lasted at least 10 years. Learn more about social security benefits.


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