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Facing your own mortality or the death of a loved one is a sobering time filled with many emotions. As you face the reality of needing to make plans relating to a funeral and cremation in Belgium, WI, you can turn to professionals who offer a comprehensive panel of service options and solutions to support you through this tender time. Finding suitable ceremonies and preparation techniques to meet your unique circumstances can feel validating as you seek to lay the decedent to rest in a respect-filled and meaningful way.


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Even within the same family, you may find that different options are needed with a different person's death. Fortunately, there are many "right" ways to take care of these arrangements. That means you can take the time needed to find solutions that best fit your situation. Find what matters most to you and yours, respect your budget needs, and design service options that will help promote a healing dynamic.


Funerary Options: Many different demographics and cultures use traditional funeral services where the body is present for the honoring ceremony. A funeral service can be held outdoors, at the burial site, a private residence, an event center, a church cathedral, or the funeral home. If the place is meaningful to you and your family and will accommodate your guest list, you can hold this commemorative event in many locations. You can have a funeral with multiple tiered events like viewing, burial, reception, and funeral. Or you might have fewer options and hold only the funeral service.


Alternative to Casketing Available with Cremation Services: If you are certain casket burial is not the best for you, consider having the deceased remains cremated. This procedure is secure and effectively reduces the remains into a dormant state where decomposition is no longer active. Cremation makes a greater variety of final disposition placements possible. The ashen remains can be scattered in a natural setting, buried, or contained in an urn and kept close to family.


Getting Needed Enclosures and Containers: Maybe you've never thought about casket sales or urn sales, but as part of final arrangement planning, you will likely need to select containment mechanisms to hold the deceased's body. Caskets contain complete remains; urns are designed to receive cremated bodies. Caskets and urns can be ordered in various configurations with different features across multiple price points. These can be personalized or kept classically simple.


Is Preplanning a Funeral and Cremation in Belgium, WI, Possible?

If you are alive, it is inevitable—someday, you will pass away. Preplanning options with a funeral and cremation in Belgium, WI, for anyone who wants to put their final affairs in order are available. You can make an appointment and have your questions answered at a preplanning conference or work through online preplan forms in the privacy of your own home. You can be in the peak of good health to do this. Or, if a terminal diagnosis or advancing age has presented, it may be time to have this crucial conversation.


Preplanning doesn't have to be set in stone—you can always revisit your plan to renew or reassess your designations. Many details could be included, or simple instructions for a few fundamental decisions. Will your family know how you feel about having your body embalmed or cremated? Would you like to be honored with a funeral? Where should your remains be laid to rest? If you have not already made a plan, these things will need to be decided upon your death.


Find Supportive Resources for Those Mourning Loss

Healing after losing a loved one is possible, though the road will look different for every person. However, experts in the field of grief widely promote using various tools known to support individuals and families through this challenging process. Your funeral director and the team will likely take time to talk with you about local and digitally available resources and assistance that you can utilize as you take this journey one step at a time. More than anything, remember to be gentle with yourself. Loss hurts so much.


Some possible tools you could be connected to include daily email subscriptions with uplifting grief education and healing tips, online or in-person classes, support groups, literature, and counselors or therapists qualified to lend support. Though funeral directors are given some grief and crisis training, they usually help through the final arrangements process and refer you to other qualified experts as needed.


Experienced Professionals Who Honor Your Desire to Choose What Is Best

If you are looking for full-service options for a funeral and cremation in Belgium, WI, reach out to the reputable and experienced teams at Eernisse Funeral Homes & Cremation Service by calling (262) 285-4141. Our commitment to helping your family find the right solutions for your needs is high. Choose what will best serve you in designing meaningful commemoration and catharsis through a healing goodbye.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

  • How do I personalize the funeral services?
    • There are many ways you can personalize the funeral service of your loved one. You can choose music, readings, and visuals that reflect the personality or interests of your loved one. You may also opt to include a special activity or ceremony that honors their life and allows friends and family to participate. Your funeral director will be able to provide you with more ideas and help you organize the service. Learn more about personalization services.
  • What type of services are available to veterans?
    • The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides a wide range of services to eligible veterans, including health care, education and training, disability compensation, pensions, home loan guarantees, life insurance, and burial benefits. Additionally, VA operates a number of specialty programs designed to meet the needs of veterans, including programs for homeless veterans, women veterans, and older veterans. Learn more about veteran services.
  • What kind of grief support is available?
    • There are many types of grief support resources available to individuals, including support groups, hotlines, counseling services, and online resources. Support groups offer a safe space for people to share their experiences with others who have gone through similar losses. Counseling services offer individual or family therapy to address issues related to grief and loss. Finally, online resources provide access to articles and videos about grief, as well as forums for connecting with others who have gone through similar losses.


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